Ladies and Gentlemen: His Majesty Andre

his majesty

His Majesty Andre is an acclaimed Italian producer, now residing in London after ruling over Milan for many years. This release comes as a noted departure from the looped & filtered house styles Andre has championed and mastered over the past 5 years, and represents his new conquest into sound and vibe. Sunshine is an epidemically infectious single with haunting & sensual vocals (Courtesy of Australian legend Anna Lunoe!), deep and brooding bass, and a dash of UK flavor. The B-side, Moonlight offers a contrasting, darker mood and vibe; a dubbed out track with a strong jack groove and squelching, dark synths. We bow to His Majesty Andre for the great honor of releasing his new sounds to the kingdom! – via Main Course Soundcloud

Main Course releases all of their music for free, but if you’re feeling gracious and loving please hit up Beatport or iTunes and purchase this phenomenal EP and support for his majesty.