Anna Lunoe Goes 100 on 303

Fuck man, Anna Lunoe continues to prove she’s one bad chick. Here I am, minding my own business, listening to the newest Bart B More mixtape (#47, full of bangers by the way), and on comes this infectious hook “Dance to the beat of the 303 / Dance to the beat of the 303 / Dance to the beat of the 303”. Said beat is fire and only when the vocals change to “Well this looks like a job for me / So everybody, just follow me / If you want to get a little tipsy / We can dance to the beat of the 303” I knew this was one to write about. About halfway through the track ramps up even harder with some rave synths, claps, and Acid notes undoubtedly generated by the Rolland TB-303.

I interviewed Anna Lunoe five years ago (jeez, where did time go?) and even through text her personality shines. She’s a joy to watch on stage, she always kills live sets and as exemplified by “303” her songs crush it.

Go out and buy this track, co-produced with Chris Lake and out on Mad Decent, and show Anna some love when you do!