Ta-ku – Closet Drake Fans

Love him or hate him it is an undeniable fact that Drake is an artist that helped define our generation, he will without a doubt be an individual that we will look back on as someone that helped carve a piece of hip hop history and make it his own. An artist that our children will gawk when we get to tell them how we saw him live or how we were the first to hear the new songs as they came out. His popularity has made him a controversial individual,  having fans that span the globe, his music resonates in the sound systems of millions.

My opinion is that ambitious producer Ta-ku is certainly a fan of the once wheel chair riding star of Degrasse and knows that there are a great many of us that share his interest, but won’t admit it for one reason or another. His tune titled “Closet Drake Fans” incorporates the all too famous hook of Drake‘s “Over” with an impressive break down that follows. A very rich and powerful bass line drives the chopped samples layered over with just the right amount of snare, making this track something that can lure the unsuspecting Drake fan into enjoying a very bass focused track. Take a look below and show Ta-ku some love.