Work it to the Bone with Douster


Douster is no stranger to that now infamous booty bass, as the Frenchman has released tracks via Mad Decent and BeBup has he continues to build recognition in the music community. Working with the new Main Course imprint came as no surprise for a few reasons. Douster enjoys releasing music for free (a mantra that Main Course lives by) and both are on the cutting edge when it comes to the increasing rise of mainstream techno in the American market. Douster delivers a club megabeat with To The Bone, a beat that will make you work for the dancefloor. I really can’t get enough of this free release!

If this isn’t enough Douster to get you through the day I give you an added bonus. Below is a recent collaboration he did with the wonderful DJ Gina Turner that was released via Annie Mac‘s Soundcloud page. Hush is a little more down-tempo, but used correctly can give you that extra push in your ever growing musical library.