Honestly, it’s tracks by and artists like Torren Foot that bring me back to why I absolutely love writing about music. I found this song about a week ago posted on, our friends over there have some absolutely superb taste by the way, and I could not wait to get some time to share this with our readers.

“Wildfire” has been out for QUITE some time and has been played, and played, and remixed, and remixed and just twisted and turned and ripped apart, even by music icons such as wheel chair jimmy. So I want you all to come into this track with the same mentality I did “oh another Wildfire reflop”. Well I don’t even have to tell you how absolutely wrong you will be, Torren Foot puts such a refreshing bounce (pun intended) back into this beautiful piece of music. The lead keeps a lot of the original track intact but swiftly takes the listener into a slightly darker bass driven line complemented wonderfully with a chopped vocal from the original. This track gives you that “ooh” sensation so please give it a listen and enjoy.

Maker sure to check out other tracks from Torren Foot¬†– we posted his superb G-House track “Rondo” a few months back.¬†This “Wildfire” remix is almost a year old but I have been poking around in his productions and everything is absolutely on point, beware of this one folks he is on the up and up, and up.