Artist Spotlight: Tchami

1176272_412086248911843_755451600_nWhether it be wheeling out trap bangers through the likes of DJ Snake or paramount productions with Gesaffelstein, Parisian producers bring an array of sounds and beats whether it be relative to where they come from or not- but this is very much so apparent with another Frenchie that’s up and coming who goes by the name, Tchami. There’s not much known about the producer besides the fact that he makes some killer tracks. Tchami presented ‘Go Deep’, a remix of Janet Jackson’s original and it earned plenty of recognition that was most certainly deserved. The song samples Jackson’s vocals with some auto-tuning that I highly applaud along quite a unique drop. Tchami has a particular sound that he incorporates in many of his tracks that you can hear through his breakdowns.
Tchami earned some spots on Fools Gold’s Clubhouse with tracks, ‘Shot Caller‘ and ‘Promises‘ as well. Both tracks further embody the producers sound and are chill house tracks that are dope as hell. Did I mention all of Tchami’s tracks are free downloads? Well they are and I’d recommend taking advantage of that because they’re all killer. Finally, check out his most recent remix of A Tribe Called Quest‘s ‘Stressed Out’ below.