Tchami’s “Rainforest” Is Out Now via CONFESSION

For his first original release since “Omega” back in March earlier this year, CONFESSION label head and international house music icon Tchami is back with his newest original, “Rainforest”. 

It’s been an intense summer of touring and growth for Tchami. From his North American CONFESSION: Summer Edition tour to the launching of his Sirius XM Radio show REVELATIONS, the Parisian producer has been hard at work building his empire. Through his persistence and knack for signing quality tunes, Tchami’s CONFESSION label is now globally recognized as a hotbed for international house music talent, while also serving as the headquarters for his own musical concoctions.

His new single, “Rainforest” is undoubtedly Tchami’s most unique and eclectic song to date. A step away from the rhythm and groove that made him into the household name he is today, and towards a new representation of himself as an artist and creative. No longer just a DJ, but a multi-faceted entrepreneur that is successfully making house music relevant again. 

The official music video is out now, check it out below!