Buygore All Stars Vol. 2 Is Out!


Buygore All Stars Vol 2. Compilation was released yesterday under Borgore’s record label, Buygore.  This second volume is the follow-up to the successful Buygore All Stars Vol. 1 Compilation which was released four months ago.  Volume 2 is a compilation of 18 songs by different Buygore artists, as well as some up and coming artists not signed to Buygore.  Just like Volume 1, Volume 2 is completely free, which is always awesome.  Some of the more well-known artists on this new compilation include Borgore, At Dawn We Rage, Getter, Kennedy Jones, Protohype, J. Rabbit, and Ookay.  Some of the lesser known, but up and coming artists on this volume include Luke & Skywalker, Dr. Ozi, Ash Riser, Crooks Cruz & Burn the Disco, Riggi & Piros, Hydraulix & PhaseOne, Coaster (Ookay’s side project), Soul Define, Jordan Alexander, Maison Cartel, The UN1K, and Shaygray.  Buygore All Stars Vol. 2 contains unreleased original mixes, as well as some great remixes of popular and unknown songs alike.  The compilation has a little bit of everything from house and dubstep to hip-hop and trap, but I would say more than half of the songs are trap.

Usually with most compilations there are always tracks you skip over, but there are also tracks that you love and play again and again.  Here’s some of my favorite songs off the compilation.  Borgore & Protohype deliver a solid dubstep remix of  Hannah Montana by Bigos.  Also, the repeated ‘Hannah Montana’ vocals are somewhat comical especially with the never-ending Miley Cyrus twerk saga.  One of the most unique tracks on the compilation is Borgore and Luke & Skywalker’s remix of the classic 60’s track, Please Mr. Postman by The Marvelettes.  I love when artists remix older songs, and this trap remix of this golden oldie is nothing short of fantastic.  Another great tune is Maison Cartel’s remix of Chris Brown’s huge hit, Look at Me Now.  Maison Cartel puts a big trap spin on this hip-hop megahit which is very refreshing after hearing the original tune played to death everywhere.  I love Welcome To The Jungle by Alvaro, and Jordan Alexander’s remix is just as good.  Alexander’s trap remix of this tune is tremendous, and it will definitely get people moving as much as the original.  Lastly, my favorite track off Buygore All Stars Vol. 2 is Spanish Fly (VIP mix) by J. Rabbit.  This track gives you a Spanish feel with fast drums and horns.  The song kicks off extremely fast and builds until the bass-filled trap drop.  This song strikes a resemblance to and reminds me of J. Rabbit’s stellar remix of Tequila by The Champs that he released just over two months ago.  There’s a little bit of everything on this compilation, and the best part is that all the tracks are up for free download on the Buygore Soundcloud page!  Hopefully we’ll be seeing Buygore All Stars. Vol 3 coming out in the next few months, but until then enjoy Buygore All Stars Vol. 2 and download all the tracks for free!