Deadmau5 Releases Most Epic WIP Yet

deadmau5youredmAfter headlining Jay Z’s semi-new festival, Made In America, alongside Beyonce & Nine Inch Nails, dance music’s most polarizing figure, Deadmau5, has released what may be the finest display of talent we’ve seen from him in a while. In Pets 1 & 2, another long, melodic symphony, Zimmerman may very well have inadvertently created a trilogy for himself (Strobe and The Veldt compromising the first two parts). Progressive arpeggios overlay waves of melodic synthwork and vocal chops for seven minutes until things take a turn for the darker, more new wave Deadmau5 style and the song wraps up in an assortment of bass heavy chords and erie melodies. Amidst the sea of new albums coming out this fall, Deadmau5 has made no announcements, but I’d be willing to bet that his next full length work will be headed up by Pets.