ColeCo – “Thrillhouse Forever” (TH001EP)


Talk about some end-of-summer Sunday afternoon jams! Some virtual crate digging this week really paid off in the discovery I’ve made with Canadian duo ColeCo. Their latest EP, released to free through Thrillhouse Records, is a four track masterpiece. The soulful sounds, tropical and nu-disco influence and serene house beats combine to make Thrillhouse Forever extremely listenable “cover to cover” and marks an emerging trend I’ve noticed: producers moving away from deep house as it becomes more commercialized and seeking out beach house sounds (think timbales and xylophones, with lots of reverb) instead to round out the sound of their records. If you like the sound on ColeCo’s Thrillhouse Forever, I highly recommend you check out Brooklyn duo Chordashian. Their song “Illusion” falls right in the same category as this and their productions are consistently stellar. Also be sure to check out ColeCo’s back catalog, which features several EP’s also available for free download.