Welcome to the World of Ingwell


Rarely do I find a producer that stops me in my tracks, makes me listen to his entire Soundcloud catalog, and has me calling my friends to express my excitement. DJ Ingwell has done all of this and more, blowing my mind as every track I find from him complex and exhilarating. With a long history of DJing in the hip hop community, Ingwell has successfully transitioned into the electronic community with his ability to cleverly blend his hip hop roots with trap, house, 90’s ganster rap, and even some 80’s beats. Working from the underground clubs in his hometown of LA to recently getting gigs in the swanky nightclubs of Las Vegas, it is only a matter of time before Ingwell blows up on the mainstage. So you might as well start listening now..

Sampling from Jay-Z‘s Ignorant Shit off the highly acclaimed “American Ganster” album, a heavy dose of spiked up trap slams you between the jigga man telling bitches to get off him. I said biiitch!!

Next up we have what Ingwell describes a “soulful ballad for lover boys of trap”. This edit of Martin Solveig‘s widely remixed We Own The Night might just might top the list with his upbeat clap that takes you right into the clouds.

Finally, some Marvin Gaye to help you seal the deal and Get It On! Ingwell brings it way back with this rendition of the legendary track that will be a crowd pleaser for a packed house or even better yet, a one on one with that special someone!