Stay Gold Pony Boy // Adventure Club feat. Yuna – Gold


When I saw that Yuna and Adventure Club were teaming up again on this brand new single I was happy beyond belief. A previous track that they did together called “Lullabies’ is without a doubt one of my top played on my iPod, considering I listen to it probably 10 times a day everyday. Having such high expectations from that track, I was interested to see how their newest collaboration called “Gold” would measure up. It definitely has a similar feel and sound to Lullabies in the same powerful way. Both start out really slow and a little drawn out in a beautiful and mystifying way, and build up to a really cool flow. It’s the kind of track that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. I always get an overwhelmingly powerful surge of energy from songs that are set up like this one is, especially while in running. Gold is absolutely amazing and I had no doubt in my mind that Adventure Club and Yuna would ever disappoint me. Check it out both dope collabs below and when you come to the automatic conclusion that you love it, buy it on iTunes!