Banks – Change (The Chainsmokers Hot & Steamy Edit)


If there’s one thing I like as much and as consistently as The Chainsmokers’ remixes, it’s their emails. I almost feel bad for people who don’t get the pleasure of these popping into their inbox. Maybe it’s the 50 or so brain fart “hey check out this cool track” emails I get a day, but theirs always make me laugh, keep my interest, and actually tell me something about the track other than that it’s “sick” or “goes hard”. I think my favorite quote from their email for their latest remix of Banks‘ “Change” had to be:

“Everyone is all deeper is better, deep this, deep v’s, deep space nine, deep throat, deep end of the pool, and we wanted to go deeper, at least just one time….”

And deep, hot and steamy it is. Everyone already know Banks has an amazing voice, so it’s nice to hear their take on it, especially with this remix being a departure from their typical indie-progressive sound. As with all their music, this one’s a free download so I suggest you pick it up to add to your growing Chainsmokers collection.