Terravita – Settle The Score feat. Casey Desmond


When I think of Terravita I usually think of some hard, heavy-hitting dubstep.  After all, they are signed to Datsik’s Firepower Records. However, this time they took a different direction by producing  some melodic dubstep.  Terravita is from Boston, and they teamed up with a fellow Bostonian vocalist, Casey Desmond.  Together they created ‘Settle For The Score‘ and the result was phenomenal.  Casey’s voice is absolutely breathtaking, and she has some amazing talent.  Terravita definitely picked the perfect vocalist for this track because the track would not be the same without Casey.  The first time I heard the melody, I immediately fell in love with it.  The melody is so uplifting and happy, and you feel inspired listening to it.  The beginning of the song makes fantastic use of a guitar accompanied by Casey’s vocals. The dubstep beat kick in, and the track really starts to shine and come together.  I’m not the biggest fan of gritty and heavy dubstep, but I can really get behind uplifting and melodic dubstep such as ‘Settle The Score.’  I honestly cannot stop playing this track, and I’m totally in love with it; it will definitely be the most played song on my iPod this week.  I’s always nice and refreshing to see artists do something different and try new things.  I hope Terravita can produce some more tracks like ‘Settle The Score’ because they executed it perfectly.  Also in December there will be a remix package of ‘Settle The Score’ coming out on Firepower Records as well as a music video.  Those are two things to definitely look forward to and keep your eye on in the near future.  Terravita was awesome and kind enough to give out this exceptional track for free download.  Listen, enjoy, and try to settle the score!