FLASH/LIGHTS – Haunt Me Forever


Denver’s electro-pop darlings FLASH/LIGHTS have been turning heads as of late, featuring a rotating cast of local musicians and fronted by vocalist/producer Ethan Converse. With the breakthrough single All My Love creating waves earlier in the year the group has had some serious stints at SXSW and the CMJ Music Showcase it has been something of a roller coaster of FLASH/LIGHTS. Having originally met Ethan as the downstairs neighbor of the girl I was seeing, we quickly bonded (bless his heart for taking me in) and attended many concerts together as he was still finding the perfect sound for FLASH/LIGHTS. Over the past year he has nailed it down and now has begun to experiment, with Haunt Me Forever showcasing something of a darker side. The group has developed a cult following in the Denver area and I strongly suggest to follow them as they are always putting on shows in the area as well as gigs across the country. Please download and share if you are feeling the darker vibes on this wicked of weekends!