Hucci – Rose Gold EP


Hucci has been something of a fascination to me as I’ve watched him grow into where he is today, sitting behind a debut EP and a reputation that precedes him. The Brighton, UK producer is only 17 but has already shown enormous talent, especially with regards to his sampling and sounds in his music. Despite a lengthy back catalog of originals, Hucci‘s breakout hit came in the form of his collaborative remix with Gameface of The Mama’s & Papa’s oldies classic “All The Leaves Are Brown”. While his beats are certainly trap and bass filled, he avoids sounding generic by seeking out a variety of unique and classic sounds. He very much likes sampling oldies and records from the ’60s and ’70s and, while the samples are subtle in this offering, they certainly peer through in his Rosegold EP. From where I’m standing, too much trap music is starting to sound the same – so it’s nice to hear a producer trying to break out of the mold. Pick up the free download of the 8-track EP on Hucci’s Facebook page.