TwoThirds – Breathe

Two Thirds

I was doing my daily sweep of looking and listening to new tracks on Soundcloud and I wasn’t really finding anything good.  Then I stumbled across a new release from Monstercat Records.  I had never heard of the artist, TwoThirds, but I saw the genre was drum and bass.  I’ve recently started to get more and more into drum and bass, so I knew that I had to at least check this song out.  I clicked play, and within the first 10 seconds, I had a great feeling about this track.  The piano composition was perfect, and slowly the song started to build and come together.  As the song continues to build out of nowhere comes this beautiful guitar/guitar sounding synth.  The song then drops into the drum and bass beat, and I’m amazed at what I’ve just heard. Sometimes you have to listen to a track a few times before you realize that you like it.  Other times you only have to listen to a track once and instantly like it.  However, the best feeling is when you absolutely fall in love with a tune halfway into hearing it for the first time.  That is exactly what happened with me and Breathe by TwoThirds.  After finally listening to the entire song, I then played it on repeat about 10 times.  I don’t know how to describe it, but this track is so uplifting and inspiring.  The composition does a perfect job at making you feel upbeat and happy.  Everything flows together so perfectly in this tune, and I would argue it’s one of the best releases I’ve heard in the last few months.  After I listened to Breathe 10 times in a row, I checked out his Soundcloud page where I found some other great tracks.  TwoThirds is mostly a drum and bass artist, but he has also produced dubstep, house, and ambient/chill music as well.  He’s only 19 years old and  has a ton of potential, so this won’t be the last time you hear of him.  Monstercat and TwoThirds were kind enough to make Breathe a free download.  Definitely give Breathe a listen and show TwoThirds some support and love!