Jay Z – Tom Ford (Crizzly Remix)


God damn Crizzly cannot be touched! He is on a war path to define himself as king of crunkstep, blasting the beats that we all want.. whether we know it or not. His recent mixtape found its’ way to a constant repeat on my laptop and in my car. Crizzly’s unique vision of hip hop, trap, and bass has set himself apart from the crowd and become a destination at any festival that we are both attending. Jay Z‘s Holy Grail album has seen remixes from all types of musical backgrounds, however I firmly believe that no one could even image what Crizzly was going to do with the hit single, Tom Ford. Once again, I cannot get enough of this track, I’m sure the neighbors have learned to hate the day that Crizzly releases a track.

Crizzly just announced a co-headlining tour with Figure, The “All Black Everywhere Tour.” The two will alternate headline sets as they travel up and down and all the way across the states this fall. This tour is not to be missed so be sure to check the complete schedule of stops below!

Oct. 24  Monarch – Phoenix, AZ

Oct. 25  Mill City Nights     – Minneapolis, MN
Oct. 26  Something Wicked Fest – Houston, TX
Oct. 30  The Green House – San Antonio, TX
Oct. 31  Emo’s East – Austin, TX
Nov. 1   Metroplex    – Atlanta, GA
Nov. 2   Shaw Center    – Edmonton, AB
Nov. 7   Heaven     – Lubbock, TX
Nov. 8    1015 Folsum   – San Fran, CA
Nov. 9   TBA
Nov. 10  Catalyst  – Santa Cruz, CA  

Nov. 15  Avalon   – Los Angeles, CA
Nov. 16 Granada – Lawrence, KS
Nov. 17 344 7th St.   – San Diego, CA
Nov. 19 Lost Horizon – Syracuse, NY
Nov. 20 930 Club  – Washington, DC
Nov. 21 Majestic  – Madison, WI
Nov. 22 Royal Oak  – Detroit, MI
Nov. 23 Concord  – Chicago, IL
Nov. 27 Cains  – Tulsa, OK
Nov. 29 Ogden  – Denver, CO
Nov. 30 Soundgarden Hall – Philledelphia, PA
Dec.   3 Upstate Concert Hall – Clifton Park, NY
Dec.   4 The Estate  – Boston, MA
Dec.   5 Republic   – New Orleans, LA
Dec.   6 Lizard Lounge  – Dallas, TX
Dec.   7 Cinema   – Pompano Beach, FL
Dec.   8 Busters  – Lexington, KY
Dec. 10 Roxy    – Orlando, FL
Dec. 11 Game Changer  – New Jersey, NJ
Dec. 12 Anthem  – Nashville, TN
Dec 13  Webster Hall  – New York, NY
Dec. 14 Soundstage  –  Baltimore, MD