Break Science – Seven Bridges LP

break science

Their production skills have evolved exponentially; Seven Bridges is crazy hard hitting and melodically beautiful. The record is a brilliant integration of the diverse genres and styles that have influenced their upward expanding musical architecture on their firmly rooted hip-hop foundation. 
– Derek Vincent Smith

Not sure I need to add much to what Pretty Lights had to say about the recent release of Break Science‘s massive new album! Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee started the Break Science project more than two years ago and have carved out a solid following with their hip hop infused electronica. The live sets have been seen by thousands as they continue stay underground by smashing smaller venues and side stages at festivals. This album shows a variety of sounds from the Brooklyn based guys so be sure to listen all the way through. Still under the Pretty Lights Music Label, Break Science has offered the LP up for a free download via their website! Please support the artists anyway you can by making a donation!

FREE DOWNLOAD | Beatport | iTunes