Artist to Watch: Lincoln Jesser

lincoln lesser

With a combination of the 9-5 shuffle driving me to having a few margaritas after hours and an overwhelming lack of ambition to post some rather underwhelming new music lately, I couldn’t turn my back on this guy. He was simply too good not to post. Here’s why:

Burgeoning Los Angeles-based artist known as Lincoln Jesser, is quickly gaining momentum on the indie-pop circuit with his original, sparkling blend of new wave and anthem pop. His first track, “We’ll be Fine” almost instantaneously reached 100k likes on SoundCloud and  skyrocketed to the top of the Hypem charts— and for good reason. With blurry, echoing vocals, pulsing synths and a beat that you can’t resist but nod your head to, “We’ll Be Fine” is the feel-good anthem to nurse away your post-summer depression.

His newest track, “Something Right” was released last week to the same warm embrace as the prior. “Something Right” echoes the same dance-pop attitude as the former, but with a different spin altogether, and just as infectious as his first. Jesser’s formula of creating new-wave pop confections is unrivaled by most. He combines steady vocals and his trademark buzzy synths that climb up and down the thumping New Order bassline and intoxicating beat. Its a combination that, like the former song, just makes you want to MOVE. This track, after being released last week, has already soared to the #1 spot for an “original song” on the Hypem charts.

Seriously have not gotten so jazzed up about an artist in a long time. If his Hypem ranks don’t sell you, then take a peak at his SoundCloud page and let that do the talking. Let’s just hope that he makes his way to Boston so I can see the true artist at work. And soon!