Dinner Date Takes Agnus & Julia Stone Deeper

dinner date
Germany’s Simon Hoppe, better know as Dinner Date, has a real knack for taking a gorgeous and emotionally saturated indie track and bringing it to a level ready for dance floors. Today Hoppe has released his newest remix which is an absolutely gorgeous dive into the deeper side of house as he remixes the Agnus & Julia Stone original All Of MeIt takes some real skill to maintain the vibe and meaning of a certain indie song and bring it into a state of danceability. Maintaing the gorgeous acoustic hook from the original as well as select vocals Dinner Date builds the track step by step until he pulls the trigger at the perfect moment and submerges us into the realm of deep house. With well crafted synths and complementing samples this track maintains its indie feel with a little added energy that is just enough to get you grooving.