The Bo!yos Bust Out The “Wizard Flute”


OK, let’s face facts. Martin Garrix‘s new track with Jay Hardway is no fucking “Animals”. It’s good, sure, but after everyone got so worn out on “Animals” the past several months, it wasn’t really what we needed to make us love Garrix again. It’s trite and formulaic, despite the fact that it’s only seems so because Garrix basically invented a sound that got too overplayed. That being said, I think the new “Animals” has certainly arrived in the form of New World Sound & Thomas Newson‘s (a.k.a. who?) collaboration “Flute”. It’s got the syncopation and unique sound similar to what Garrix laid down, yet it brings back the holy shit factor that “Animals” had and “Wizard” did not. I received a submission from Miami’s The Bo!yos this morning that takes the two songs, however, and wraps them up in a nice, trappy mashleg (a.k.a. what?). I don’t generally post mashup/bootleg/whatevers, however, after going back and listening to both of the songs individually, I have to unequivocally say that I enjoy this version more than either one independently. The Bo!yos open up with a toned-down version of the “Wizard” intro and builds into the “Flute” drop, only to surprise by switching it back the second time around. Enjoy the free download and DJ’s, make sure to work this one into your sets. I’ll be raging.