jackLNDN & Bixel Boys Attempt to Embrace


It was just over a month ago when Goldroom rocked beaches from Miami to Los Angeles with his massive pool party jam Embrace. The track immediately jumped to the top of the charts with every nu-disco producer incorporating it into their afternoon or late night sets. And then came the remixes. I have heard countless renditions of this classic as everyone feels the need to put their touch on this flawless gem. What I was really looking for in the onslaught of submissions was some diversity, some creativity, some bloody producing. Two remixes have really caught my attention with the first being a booty bass driven beat by the Bixel Boys. The reworking drops from a lovely melodic chorus into a funky hard line that would even make your fifth grade math teacher get up and then get low.

The second submission, a late entry, comes from the youthful spirit of jackLNDN who brings a blast of sunshine to Embrace. Bringing to the fore front the wonderful vocals Ariela Jacobs, this remix will be around all the way until next year where it will make splashes at every pool it’s heard. Embrace both great remixes as both are available for free download!