Linier – What I Need (Diverse Remix)


Fans of Disclosure’s garage sound should be all over this one. Fellow UK natives John Edgley and Alfie Coleman, who make up the duo Diverse, have been churning out tunes in the same style for the last 6 months and have gaining well-deserved credibility because of it. Their style features a lot of the same deeper bass language with altered vocals and enticing and varied percussion, comprised of an array of more organic and more electronic sounds. Their latest is a remix of Linier‘s “What I Need” – an evolutionary take in many ways, turning down the driving feel for a more ethereal and peripheral sound. It’s performing extremely well on SoundCloud in the 10 days its been released and is just trailing their second most recent release, a remix of Husky‘s “Step Back”, which is similarly a fantastic work by the Diverse boys. Check out the two tracks below, save em for your collection and check out Diverse’s back catalog and give them a follow over on SoundCloud and Facebook.