Jerra Blues – Keeping Me High (Tenu Ark & IRI Remix)

tenu ark

Because I’m subjected to so much crap music on a regular basis, I’ve developed an ear for sounds that, while they may be dissonant, unpopular or just plain weird, appeal to me for their unique approach. Anyone can create music on their laptop, and whether it be you on Garageband or a seasoned producer using thousands of dollars in music equipment matters little when looking at (and listening to) the end result. Which brings me to Tenu Ark from Los Angeles. He’s been producing – publicly, at least – for just under a year, which leads me to the obvious conclusion that he falls into the former category described above. But in this case, his music definitely takes a different direction than one would expect from his assumed classification as a trap bedroom artist. This latest remix starts off with a strong moombahton vibe and right off the bat, the way the vocals work with the production seems unreasonably good. When the drop/break comes in, the track take a weird turn which, quite honestly, won’t be for everyone. But it would be extremely hard to argue that the track was produced using any template laid out by producers before him. Grab the free DL and check out Tenu Ark’s other work on his Soundcloud and YouTube.