Ever since I discovered and posted about Parisian producer The Geek and one of his many collaborations with VRV, I have been inundated with new, fantastic music from him regularly, including a new EP that just dropped two days ago. While I’ve become happily accustomed to consistently hearing a healthy balance of electro-soul-influenced remixes and originals in his/their offerings, today the team hits us with something a little different. Taking on one of Australia’s most notable producers of the moment, Flume, and one of his biggest singles “Holdin On”, The Geek and Vrv give the track a subtle but welcome addition of ghetto funk, fat electro and even a touch of dub, adding a nice beefiness and enduing the hip-shaking. This should make a nice addition to your winter playlists, as well as much of The Geek and Vrv’s back catalog.

The remix couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, with Flume having just released his self-titled follow-up album to his (also self-titled) 2012 release on Future Classic, which is available now through iTunes worldwide. Check out this mixtape that Flume put together showcasing the new originals on the double-sided album.