Martin Garrix – Jingle Bell Animals (Josh Li Jingle Bells Remix)

Josh Li Jingle Bells Remix

Ho Ho Ho!  It’s Christmas Eve which means last minute Christmas Shopping, baking and preparing food for Christmas Day, possibly going to church, and of course creating the perfect Christmas playlist.  Your party can have the best dinner, the best dessert, and the best booze, but if it doesn’t have any music/any good music then your party is just average.  You think that you can’t go wrong with the Christmas classics, but everyone has heard those songs so many times; sometimes you just gotta throw in some new Christmas tunes to liven it up.  At my family Christmas Party the other day the adults downstairs were playing the same typical Christmas music.  However my cousins and I upstairs were blasting some awesome EDM Christmas tunes.  I played most of Mad Decent’s Christmas compilation “A Very Decent Christmas and also played Josh Li’s Jingle Bell Remix of ‘Animals’ by Martin Garrix.  I’ve written about Josh Li before but under a different name.  He originally went under the name ‘Secsay’ but has now changed his artist name to his real name, Josh Li.  This time Josh creates an awesome Christmas remix of Animals by Martin Garrix.  He re-works the chord progression of the well-known drop into a Jingle Bells chord progression.  For the 2nd drop he reworks the chord progression into Jingle Bell Rock. His remix is very well done, and I was super impressed when I first heard it.  Also, I immediately knew what I would be blasting at my family Christmas party.   I wish more artists made Christmas remixes of EDM tunes because it seems like there are so few every year; however, the few that are released every year always seem to be awesome, unique, and festive.  Josh will be deactivating his Secsay facebook account on Dec 31, so follow him on his new Facebook page here.  His Soundcloud will remain the same.  Josh has released his remix for a free download, so there’s no excuse to not blast this in front of your relatives after you turn off your family’s’ Bing Crosby Christmas CD.