New World Sound & Thomas Newson – Flute (Secsay Edit)


Big Room House has exploded in the last year, and many producers have been putting out big room tunes nonstop lately.  At first I really liked the unique style and sound, but I then started to get tired of it; I realized so many of the drops sounded the same, and I thought there was a lack of creativity in the big room house scene.  However, some tunes are really catchy and different, so in my opinion big room house is definitely hit or miss.  Secsay’s remix of ‘Flute’ by New World Sound & Thomas Newson is not only a hit; it is definitely a big room home-run.  Secsay is a 24 year old producer from Scottsdale, Arizona who produces mainly big room and electro house.  He took ‘Flute’ which is a big room hit, but put his own spin on.  The result was beautiful, and I love his remix much more than the original mix by New World Sound & Thomas Newson.  The drops are so catchy; they are one of those drops that make you wonder what you just heard, so you proceed to immediately listen to it over and over.  I can only imagine what this remix would sound like on a huge sound-system at a large festival; one thing is for sure: it would be epic.  Producers should listen to this track because it’ll show them how to properly produce a unique and fantastic big room tune.  I hope Secsay becomes a bigger name and gets more exposure because he definitely has talent and creativity.  The latter is ever-so important nowadays for young and local producers to gain more exposure.  Check out Secsay’s Soundcloud for even more remixes and original tracks.  Also, he’s awesome enough to give out his remix of ‘Flute’ for free.  Give it the track a listen and enjoy because you will not be disappointed!