Missy Elliott – Sock It 2 Me (Kaytranada Remix)


What more do you need for an instant banger then to slap some Queen Missy lyrics over a solid beat build? And when you have Montreal’s native Kaytranada making the beats, theres no question you’re about to like what you hear. In fact, I don’t think I’ve heard one song he’s produced that I’m not instantly impressed by. The way he seemingly effortlessly eases into his melodies makes producing sound easy. Though, his style is what is what sets him apart from other producers and keeps me on my toes waiting for him to pump out another track. He leaves Missy’s vocals almost completely untouched while building a trap-like 808 bass that steers away from Timbaland’s original production to an eerie concoction of chopped up strings and pronounced horns. Missy’s sultry lyrics paired with Kaytranada‘s subtle intro makes for an almost smothering explosion of bassy trumpet goodness! It’s no wonder Kaytranada is one of the leading men of HW&W Recordings following the ‘pick a genre’ movement. Give it a listen and I”m sure you too will be on board the no genre train!