Justin Bieber – All That Matters (Flour Boys Remix)


I was delighted to have been turned on to Flour Boys earlier today through a repost on SoundCloud and found my introduction to them in their brand new Justin Bieber remix. The Flour Boys employ the Jersey Club style we’ve heard a lot of lately, bringing trap vibes along with trippy and layered sounds and chopped vocals. Their debut tune was a remix of Drake‘s “Live For” which received good support on the ‘Cloud, and for good reason. Since then, the Boys (I can only assume they are boys, as there is little information to be had about them) have dropped two more remixes, taking on Jamie XX and Amber’s “Sexual”. This latest one, however, is my personal favorite of their catalog to date. As we’ve become accustomed to with up-and-coming producers, they are releasing their music for free in exchange for a like on their Facebook page (or Follow/Tweet in other cases) so give these guys a hand in building their following and pick up their latest remix for free!