Wolfgang Gartner’s “Piranha” Doesn’t Bite

wolfgang piranha

In the category of ‘artists who rarely disappoint’, Wolfgang Gartner is back with yet another masterpiece called “Piranha” out today on his label Kindergarten Records. If you’re wondering who else I think falls into that category, you can include Eric Prydz, Mat Zo, Mark Knight, and a few others (scroll through my previous posts to see). Wolfgang Gartner has so carefully crafted and perfected his sound and many elements of “Piranha” will sound familiar to you if you’ve heard his songs over the past couple years. Though Wolfgang tends to produce Electro-House songs, as “Piranha” can be considered, he always adds hints of funk, melody, and grooviness that few other dance producers can create. If you listen extra closely to “Piranha”, you even hear a Reggae-infused drum roll that you’d find in a typical Bob Marley song. Adding to the energy of the song is female vocal cuts singing “higher, higher, higher”. I love the piano breakdown in the middle only to build things up to an end-of-song explosion.

Wolfgang Gartner was one of the first real discoveries for me when I was getting into dance music and it’s nice that his sounds are still incredible yet refreshingly new.

Wolfgang Gartner – Piranha (Original Mix) | Purchase on Beatport