Wrap Your Week Up with Some [FREE] G-House Courtesy of Tapesh


If you’re into underground House or, more specifically G-House, then Tapesh is someone you need to keep your eye on. The German Producer/DJ is constantly coming up on my SoundCloud feed with excellent productions and DJ mixes and he is almost always featured as part of mixes in the realm of Underground House, G-House, Deep House, etc. Yesterday Tapesh decided to release his remix of the stellar “Draw a Line” by Demarzo for free on his SoundCloud page. The original mix is funky as hell and features that G-House flavor, released back in July on one of the best House music labels in the world, Hot Creations. The Tapesh remix of “Draw a Line” focuses more on the bass line and less on the melodies present in the original mix. If I heard the Tapesh remix of “Draw a Line” without knowing who produced it I’d probably guess it was a Jamie Jones track.

Enjoy this and if you like what you hear go show Tapesh some love!