Lee Foss Returns To San Francisco This Saturday For His Halcyon Debut

House fans unite – a legend is returning to San Francisco this Saturday! Lee Foss, the Chicago native who is part of super group Hot Natured and generally excellent House DJ, will be stomping down on Halcyon for a night full of fat bass lines and jackin’ tunes. Foss will be joined by his friends Anabel Englund and the rest of the Repopulate Mars crew. I’ll go on record as saying Lee Foss might be my favorite DJ right now as his sets contain so much energy, with exactly the type of House music I love – containing Hip-Hop samples and generally speaker-rattling dance music. I find myself on a constant trainspotting mission whenever Lee Foss plays, as I want to make sure I own much of the music he is spinning.

Beyond his role as a superb DJ, he is also an excellent music curator and runs the label Hot Creations alongside tastemaker Jamie Jones. The label includes veterans and up-and-comers like Riva Starr, Steve Lawler, Solardo, Patrick Topping, Detlef, Russ Yallop, and many more. All of the artists on the label are party-starters so you can rest assured this is a follow the leader type of scenario.

Foss will be playing at San Francisco’s newest club which has been modeled to resemble nightclubs in Europe. With a rare 24-hour licesne, Halcyon can go all night and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how things go with Foss on Saturday night. After all, his set began at 5am during The BPM Festival a few weeks back.

Lee Foss released his newest track “Till The Light” with Infinity Ink a couple months ago and it shows the versatility the producer has. “Till The Light” summons more of the Hot Natured vibes than Lee Foss’ live sets but if you’re looking for grooves rather than raves, this is a track for you.

Enjoy and see you at Halcyon Saturday (CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS)! *Check out live sets below*