Bunte Bummler – Fight Livingrooms Mood EP


I had been meaning to post about Bunte Bummler’s Fight Livingrooms Mood EP back when it came out at the end of December, but a combination of hangovers and the malaise resulting from arctic weather teabaggings got in the way of making this happen. For this I apologize and I hope you’ll forgive the fact that this is not as fresh as it could have been if I had posted it near to release day as we typically strive to do J. To begin in the most roundabout fashion possible, I have really taken a liking to Butane’s Little Helpers imprint over the past year because I absolutely love deep, spooky techno music because it plays so well in the grittiest of environments such as dark warehouses and lofts. I delight at the prospect of sounds matching the setting that they are played in. If that means cranking glossy “progressive” house with flashing neon lights so be it, but it can also mean shutting off the lights entirely and getting super weird with some deep techno . It just so happens that the latter option is what Mannheim’s Bunte Bummler excels at. I had discovered Bunte Bummler last year while scouring through the many numbered Little Helpers releases that bear no more than the artists name and a corresponding release/track number. Bunte Bummler is comprised of two members (Fabian Winkels and Manuel Vobis) from Mannheim, Germany — a locale that has proven to be a hot bed of dance music talent over the last few years (think Nick Curly and his “Mannheim Sound”). This EP contains three tracks of decidedly minimal character featuring notable Apollo astronaut vocal samples in addition to a host of other creepy textures. My favorite of the bunch is the track that earned the EP’s namesake Fight Livingrooms Mood but you will need to decide for yourself by ingesting all three. In addition, I also included a favorite live set of theirs for some additional context. Enjoy.

Bunte Bummler – Fight Livingrooms Mood (Original Mix)

Bunte Bummler – B+That- (Original Mix)

Bunte Bummler – That Signal (Original Mix)

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