ilan Bluestone’s Latest Masterpiece: Spheres

ilan bluestone

Depending on where you spend your time listening to music, ilan Bluestone is either a name you’ve never heard, or a name you’re very familiar with. Being a consistent listener of Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy podcasts, I have grown accustomed to hearing the name ilan Bluestone because one or more of his tracks are played almost every episode. Most notably ilan Bluestone remixed Mat Zo’s “Lucid Dreams” in such a way that it didn’t necessarily recreate the song, but it surely gave “Lucid Dreams” more edge (so much so that Mat Zo tends to play the Bluestone remix in his sets rather than the original version).

On Monday the London-based ilan Bluestone released his latest single titled “Spheres” on Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats records. The release saw the 27-year-old shooting himself, once again, to the top spot in the Beatport trance chart – resulting in his fourth #1 trance track in less than a year. “Brimming with plucky melodies and an unrelenting groove, ‘Spheres’ launches into a driving bass riff ideal for the dance floor. Despite a more synthetic lead, the rich orchestral breakdown and harmonizing vocal pad ensure ilan keeps one foot firmly in the musicality that has seen him become such a favorite for the Anjuna fan base,” says the official Anjunabeats press release. Whether or not ilan Bluestone is on your radar, he’s set to have a huge year in 2014 and some of the biggest names in dance music fully agree.

ilan Bluestone – Spheres | Purchase on Beatport