Chris Malinchak – If U Got It (The Magician Remix)


More exciting than a birthday it seems, is the time that an artist hits another milestone in his or hers campaign to acquire likes and fans via Facebook. It has become somewhat of a tradition to offer up all of those devoted followers a gift for the support, which I think no one is complaining about! The most recent to reward the Facebook fanatics is the mysterious Magician, capping the 100K mark with a downloadable remix of big timer, Chris Malinchak. We posted the official remix package to Malinchak’s “If U Got It” last week and it’s always fun to see added renditions of the widely popular track. The Magician hits all the money notes with this dynamic disco rendition of “If U Got It”. You gotta love everything he touches his wand too, which is why his “Magic Tapes” series has become a cult following, with his most recent tape, #39, not disappointing. However, if you wish to catch the magic act live there is only one show slated currently in the USA, hope you already have your Coachella tickets!