Eliza Doolittle – Walking on Water (Bixel Boys Remix)

bixel boys

Well it’s easy to say that the “boys are back in town… and they ain’t going anywhere anytime soon!” The Bixel Boys haven’t let their New Years hangover effect the musical flow as they hit the ground running with a wildly entertaining remix of Eliza Doolittle‘s vocal masterpiece Walking on Water. I give the Bixel Boys props as they have maintained the lovely voice of Ms. Doolittle all while pumping in truckloads of that underground big room bass. Yes that may sound like an oxymoron, but once you have a listen you will know exactly where we are coming from. This track will be sure to catch some serious heat during the summer sessions from producers covering all spectrums and tents under the sun. The Bixel Boys have been picking up the pace as of late so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a heavy dosage of them in the coming months and expect them to be traveling further from their Los Angeles roots too!