Green Lantern Puts his Hip Hop Signature on Tommy Trash’s “Fuckwind” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

fuckwind green lantern

A couple months ago Electro-House superstar Tommy Trash released a free new track called “Fuckwind”. “Fuckwind” is a hard-hitting Electro-House song that you’ve come to expect from Mr. Trash, including many of the song elements that allow a listener to immediately identify a track by the Australian producer. From my vantage point “Fuckwind” snuck under the radar, not gaining as much attention as previous releases by Tommy Trash. Of course, the nearly 300K plays on SoundCloud tell a different story.

Today DJ Green Lantern, the radio on-air personality and music producer from Rochester NY who currently resides in Atlanta and writes and spins all kinds of Hip Hop and Trap songs, released his take on “Fuckwind”. It’s always interesting for me to hear different producers’ takes on original tracks, especially two producers who come from opposite sides of the tracks. It would be easy to say that Green Lantern simply took Trash’s “Fuckwind”, changed the tempo, added some 808 drums, and added some Hip Hop vocals – the basis for most House-to-Trap remixes – but this isn’t what happened. Both drops of Green Lantern’s “Fuckwind” remix are unique in their own way while incorporating some of the signature Tommy Trash synths that can be found in the original mix.

Take a listen to both versions and check out why DJ Green Lantern is one of the premier names in Trap music.