Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 001


Greetings, party people! Today we’ve got quite the assortment of musical treats for you, hence the header for our newest series “Oxtavius Magical Goodybag.” Let’s just call this OMG001 for brevity’s sake. We start things off on the chiller side with a nice cover edit of The Whitest Boy Alive’s “1517” by Andre Salmon and Rogg. It’s got some cool male vocals, a welcoming lead guitar, and easy-going percussion; perfect for some down time on the couch. Check out more of Ecuadorian Andre Salmon’s work here.

Next is a really pleasant mix from RAC (who seldom disappoint) of “Veranda” by Cilli Barnes. This one features strong female vocals and is definitely something you can whistle or sing along with.

Third in the bag is a little something from Joris Voorn‘s crate. He tweeted it this morning mentioning that he found it on an old cassette, saying it must have been recorded sometime in 1998 on his Roland MC-303 groove box. It has a great old school feel to it and will have you hypnotized in no time.

The fourth number we have for you today is a remix by Greg Pidcock of Inner City’s “Good Life.” Apparently he put this one together a few months back for a contest but didn’t get it in on time so he decided to share it with us as his first free download of the year. If you like what you hear and are anywhere near the beautiful little city of Burlington, Vermont, be sure to check out Greg Pidcock and BUTCH at a special installment of Sunday Night Mass at Club Metronome on Main St. this coming Sunday the 19th presented by Nexus Artist Management and 2KDeep!

Next up is an original track Finnebassen so kindly shared with his followers today called “Fiskeda.” Eight minutes of unadulterated deep house is how I’ll describe it. You’ve got to listen to this one on your own to really appreciate it. Don’t follow Finnebassen yet? Here’s his Soundcloud.

The sixth free download we give you today is by a DJ/Producer from Cologne called DJOKO titled “Look At That.” A classic house style carries this track with its chopped vocals and great use of samples, most notably the spin-back before the drop. Follow this up-and-comer on Soundcloud and give his Facebook page a like!

The seventh and final track in today’s goodybag is by young Producer/DJ JSTJR (pronounced “gesture”) called “Panamania” which also features Ma-Less. Already a household name for those familiar with the Zouk Bass genre, JSTJR’s enthusiasm shines through in this hard-hitter with its unique rhythm and choppy vocals. Get at JSTJR on Facebook, Twitter, and of course Soundcloud to stay up to date on new zouk releases and events!

Before class is dismissed though, let me pass along a well-crafted hour-long mix of deep techno & house Chicago DJ Mr. Pfeifer recorded for our friends at #F2t4.

The Whitest Boy Alive – 1517 (Andre Salmon, Rogg ‘7151’ Cover Edit)
Cillie Barnes – Veranda (RAC Mix)
Joris Voorn – Untitled 1998 (MASTERED)
Good Life (Greg Pidcock Remix)
Finnebassen – Fiskeda
DJOKO – Look at That (Original Mix)
JSTJR – Panamania ft Ma-Less
8th FLOOR – Mr. Pfeifer – Koncepts

Until next time!