Luminox – Ganxsta

Producer and DJ Luminox is a well known name amongst bass enthusiasts. Coming from Pheonix, Arizona Luminox has been producing some of the most well known and very well loved songs of the last year and has helped pioneer the trap music movement into the masses.

Luminox has gained international traction in the past year by producing and playing with the biggest names in the industry. In my opinion some of his success must be warranted to the fact that he gives out a lot of his music for free, most of his highest quality work can be taken right off Soundcloud for no charge whatsoever. The track that we are featuring today is of no exception.

“Ganxta” released earlier today opens up with a gritty vocal sample that foreshadows the powerful and very energetic tune that follows. “Ganxta” is a must hear if you are a trap fan and certainly something that I will be playing over and over again, take a look below and show Luminox some love.