Principal Dean – Get Done EP

Principal Dean1
Nothing brings me more joy than sharing music from another one of Vermont’s own. Analog producer Principal dean just released a brand new EP titled “Get Done” off of Loveless records.

Driving a fusion of Soul and Hip-Hop with an underlying club texture, Principal Dean brings us a very well made EP that includes remixes from the likes of Snakefoot, Whiskers Po, Koloah and Thomas White. Nestled into the underground American club scene, Principal Dean shares the comfort of the growing experimental trend quietly hiding in the many folds of electronic music shared on the internet.

Building from the ideas that brought forth the era of Trap music and Juke, “Get Done” carries the listener through a very well manicured and complex selection of music that is  melodically polished with careful synth lines, and enforced with a very smooth bass curation that really gives his music a satisfying “umph”. Sip slow and take a good listen to a producer that has mastered a very delicate precision in his music writing.

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