Oliver Heldens and Jay Ronko Put Their Stamp on Animals

animals oliver heldens

Are you way past sick of Martin Garrix’s “Animals” yet? Yeah, we are too. But it’s not every day you get a fresh remix of the track… so fresh you barely recognize it. Enter Oliver Heldens, who I’ve already predicted to be the breakout artist of 2014 thanks to his track “Gecko” and volume one of his Heldeep Mixtape. The beginning of the Heldeep Mixtape features Oliver Heldens’ remix of “Animals”, previously unreleased. To my pleasure Oliver Heldens’ remix of “Animals” was released this Monday as part of The Remixes Part 1, featuring additional work by Jay Ronko  and Victor Niglio. We actually featured the Festival Trap Remix of “Animals” back in October and you can hear it HERE. As stated above, Heldens’ remix of “Animals” is so fresh it barely allows you to recognize the original. I wouldn’t quite call it a Deep House remix, but it’s sure funky as hell and gives me great faith in the 17-year-old producer. The Jay Ronko remix is very much a Moombahcore track and goes pretty damn hard right at the drop around 1:35.

If you love “Animals” or you hate “Animals”, these are two new perspectives on possibly the biggest track of 2013.

Martin Garrix – Animals (Oliver Heldens Remix) | Purchase on Beatport
Martin Garrix – Animals (Jay Ronko Remix) | Purchase on Beatport