Tomsize – Blow Your Speakers


Normally I don’t think blowing your speakers is a good thing.  Luckily, I’ve never done it (yet), but many people have had to experience the horror of ruining and destroying their expensive speakers.  Plus, nobody wants to blow their speakers to start off the new year.  Blow Your Speakers is the newest big room house track from the French producer Tomsize.  Normally he produces trap and bass music, but this time he switches it up and gives us a big room tune.  The first thing that catches my attention in this track is the clean and hard-hitting kick.  This gives Blow Your Speakers a great solid foundation for the rest of the tune.  The drop is dope, and it’s also really unique because it’s different from most big room drops.  I can’t exactly say what makes it so different except that is has a darker and more raw feel to it.  Nonetheless, Tomsize created a monster tune that will definitely get people moving and jumping.  I can see this being played at festivals and venues around the world because of the energy it brings.  The track reminds me of GTA’s style and something that they could possibly cook up.  Blow Your Speakers actually reminds me of GTA’s newest track ‘Bola‘ because both tracks have a banging beat with awesome sounding synths that will make the crowd lose it.  It’s always awesome to see artists like Tomsize try and explore new genres; it’s even better to see when they try a new genre and absolutely nail it on the head.  Tomsize should explore the idea of producing more house tunes because I will be anxiously awaiting for more from him.  For now though I’ll just have to blast Blow Your Speakers.  Check out the free download of the track on Tomsize’s Soundcloud.  Blast this tune, and play it really loud; just don’t blow your speakers!