Amine Edge & Dance Mix for the Lovers

amine & dance

Perhaps my favorite dance act on the planet right now, French production/DJ duo Amine Edge & Dance, put together close to two and a half hours (145 minutes) of sexy beats for all you Valentine’s Day love birds out there. In case you aren’t familiar with these guys, they’re two of the leaders of the G-House movement that has slowly but surely taken over speakers and airwaves across the globe. G-House, for those not familiar, stands for Ghetto House and is a fusion of four-on-the-floor House beats with Hip-Hop lyrics and undertones. The lyrics over these beats are usually (but not always) chopped and screwed and the bass lines are always fat. There is a LOT of music in this mix and the tunes span decades but all contain the same theme: groovy beats for you to get down to.

In typical Amine Edge & Dance fashion, there is no track listing provided but you can head to their Facebook pages to learn more about that. These guys are extremely hard workers and do their fans a massive favor by recording and releasing almost every live set they play. So if you want endless hours of some of the best beats on the planet, head to their SoundCloud page and have a browse.

Happy Valentine’s Day!