Build It Records Presents: Starter Kit Compilation Vol. 2 [Tech, G, and Booty Bass]

Need some new fire for your DJ sets? Build It Records has you covered. Today the independent label, based out of Seattle but spreading House music worldwide, dropped its latest compilation featuring eight tracks across G-House, Tech-House, and Booty Bass. Build It Records focuses on up-and-coming artists who are starting to make a name for themselves and have the production skills to prove it. When I spoke with label founder AJ Sorbello about the release, he said “this one was harder than the last compilation” in terms of the selection process. Well, it sounds like the hard work paid off because I’m fully in on Starter Kit Compilation Vol. 2

My first reaction to Build It Records’ latest compilation is that it’s full of bangers. I’ll be honest, I was a little surprised, as some of the releases haven’t exactly tickled my fancy. But this time around each and every track had me going… “damn!”. The general vibe is more geared towards G-House and Booty Bass fans. There’s even elements of Dirtybird; for example Leraxe‘s “Touch The Sky” is a homage to the mesmerizing sound of Kyle Watson.

An early favorite for me off this compilation is Liam Howard‘s “Inside”. While I love G-House and Booty Bass, the current way to my heart is with a Tech-House banger and if you can add synth hits that throw back to the 90s golden era of House, you have a winner for me. YCHTCLB kills it with his G-House gem “Get Go”, a track I will surely be playing in my sets – and hey we should probably go b2b since my DJ name is Racket Club. Also need to call out friend of the blog Atty G and his latest heavy-hitter “Booty”, which exemplifies his Booty Bass/Trap hybrid style and defines West Coast House Music. Finally, Yung Stanza‘s “Paper Chasin” closes out the compilation with some fire G-House, reminding me of the stuff Gerry Gonza is putting out.

Overall AJ and the team at Build It Records have put out something that really impresses, and the label is clearly building something big (pun entirely intended). Please support the artists on Starter Kit Compilation Vol. 2 and go buy the tracks and show love on social media. Questions or comments let me know!