Anamanaguchi – Prom Night (Lindsay Lowend Remix)


Mr. Lindsay Lowend is quickly becoming one of my go-to’s for awesome music, and I know I’m not alone. After seeing some great releases like his Windfish EP and “Basement Dweller Overture,” it comes as no surprise that the 20-year old D.C.-based producer is ready to wow us again. Despite saying at the end of 2013 that he was going to be taking a break from production to focus more on his studies, Lowend quietly slipped out a free official remix of 8-bit rock band Anamanaguchi, who was undoubtedly an inspiration for Lowend’s style and, in his own words, is one of his “favorite bands of all time.” The song is a happy mesh of synths, digital and analog drums and bouncy vocals and is a great introduction to Lindsay Lowend unique style if you’re just joining the party. We can only hope that his schedule frees up this summer for more awesome productions like this one. Until then, press play, grab the free download and enjoy!

Liking what you hear? Make sure to familiarize yourself with Lindsay Lowend’s GT40 off his Windfish EP  belowexplore his back catalog on his Soundcloud and give him a like and/or follow on Facebook and Twitter.