Ludacris – Party Girls ft. Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih and Cashmere Cat


This summer was the first time I had heard an electronic artist produce for a big time rapper. But, to me, the concept seemed like a no-brainer. Because let’s face it, who knows bass better than electronic producers? So when Skrillex and ASAP Rocky’s Wild for the Night came on the radio for the first time I was left thinking only one thing; game changing. Luckily this trend is becoming more and more practiced syncing the main stream hip hip world to the more underground electronic scene. Not only is their musical creation real easy on the ears, but it allows talented producers to get their name out to music lovers from various genre backgrounds.

In fact, 26 year old Magnus Hoiberg, more commonly known as Cashmere Cat, moved from across the pond in Norway to Manhattan this past year to do just that; make bangers. The first time I fell in love with Cashmere Cat’s sound was around the same time I heard his mix for Diplo and Friends, and soon it felt as though we were in a full blown relationship. I caught myself listening to his music endlessly day after day, morning, night, and all the in betweens. Even if I didn’t think I was in a Cashmere Cat mood, I was.  He’s sensational. Each tune has a level of sensuality that can’t be duplicated. Thats probably why VIBE magazine named him their #1 Awesome Genre-Bender. And after remixing songs by R&B artists like Jeremih, Miguel, and Lana Del Ray he’s finally gotten a chance to let his hedonic beats thrive with Party Girls. Luda, Wiz Khalifa, and Jeremih are among some of the biggest hip hop heavy weights in the game and really great people to have on your team, so combine that with Cashmere Cat’s musical creativity and it’s a no-brainer that the song goes in!

When you’re listening to a Cashmere Cat song, you KNOW you’re listening to a Cashmere Cat song. Thats another thing I love about him; his sounds are so unique but equally beautiful. His music takes on its own character, but no two songs ever sound the same. His jersey club style is complimented perfectly with the way he uses instruments like the chimes and piano in his tunes. It’s the perfect balance of sexy and weird, with a dash of bass and can instantly turn any time into a good time. Which makes it even harder to wait until February 10th for his release of his Wedding Bells EP on LuckyMe Records, heads up!