Big Gigantic Tuesday at Higher Ground

Once again the mighty Big Gigantic have come to town selling out Higher Ground . This Tuesday, our favorite saxophone toting DJ and his legendary drumming cohort will be jacking into the amps at Higher Ground to give us, what I am sure of as another fantastic show.

Big G just put out a brand spankin’ new 7 track album titled “The Night Is Young” that is really setting the mood for their 2014 Winter Tour. In typical Big G fashion the new album is as intelligent as it is danceable, if you would like to read more about it and grab it for your own listening pleasure be sure to check it out RIGHT HERE!

Starting in South Dakota and finishing in snowy Colorado where Dom and Jeremy call home, this non stop tour is making a quick stop in our snowy sleepy mountain town and everyone here cannot be more excited. The show as of now is completely SOLD OUT, once again strong evidence to the credibility of this dynamic duo. MMIBTY will be there covering the show from start to finish and we will have a great platter of photos for you all to tag your self in so stay tuned!