Going Through the Motions with Russ Chimes

russ chimes

I have been barely surviving as of late, simply put, I am addicted to Russ Chimes and there has been a shortage recently. I’ve looked high and low, asked around, yet for months there was barely a whisper of the musical goodness that is Russ Chimes. Alas, the silence is broken – Russ Chimes is back. And I quote, “So I’ve been sitting on a bunch of new music for a bit, and it’s time to start getting it out there!” His first order of business is the first piece of original work since the highly acclaimed single, Turn Me Out. Bringing in the accelerated beats to make a massive energy track entitled “Motions” is exactly what I was hoping for!

Russ Chimes also shared this deep house remix of “There’s A Place,” the debut from Belgian duo Arches earlier this week. It is absolutely fantastic.