jackLNDN – Drop Out EP


It comes with great pleasure and honor in premiering the debut EP from one of the rising stars in the british disco scene, Mr. jackLNDN! Hearing him search for the perfect sound over the years has been quite entertaining from the early remixes of Porter Robinson‘s “Language” and Cazzette‘s “Weapon” to the more recent remixes like  Goldroom‘s “Embrace” and his “Summer Never Ends Mix.” The evolution of jackLNDN’s career has been documented well here at MMIBTY and it is finally time for his coming out party. The Drop Out EP is pure bliss to my ears, hitting every dance note needed to bring my smile side to side. My favorite track has got to be the leading jam “Drop Out,” with it’s upbeat vibes that I will be sure to ride right into spring. Be sure to check out the entire EP as it is free download and for the love of god give this kid some support so we can finally lure him over the pond!

Oh and that little logo at the top of the album artwork is his new logo, he wants to know what you think?! Hit him up on Twitter!